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Solar Hot Water
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Solar hot water and heating:

A thermal installation consists of a series of collectors on the roof. These collectors are capable of absorbing the radiation from the sun and turning it into heat, hot water or both.
These solutions can give you hot water, room heating or both in one solution. How they work is really quite simple; the secret is how to make the solutions efficient. Basically a thermal solar energy solution consists of one or more collectors on the roof or wall of a building. These collectors contain a series of pipes in which the water is heated; this is then transported to a tank for storage or for central heating. Simple, efficient and free of charge.

Thermosyphon and Compact System

  The Thermosyphon system works using the force of gravity. The inexpensive system, consisting of a collector, double enamelled domestic hot water tank incl. magnesium anode and mounting system, is assembled on-site. It is an ideal solution for creating hot water in smaller households and warm climates and is a very easy and efficient solution to provide domestic hot water for various applications. In warm climates no electrical power supply is needed to run the systems( simple system using the force of natural gravity - no pump unit required)

 The Compact System is the easiest solution to utilise solar energy in residential housing and can cover up to 70% of a household's total hot water demand.
It is your guarantee for a solution that ensures long lasting energy supply and a positive environmental impact.
Easy to set up and install due to “Plug & Flow” installation of solar pumping station.

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